Adopt the suggestions of Pujya Bapuji, and attain the Divine Yoga of immortality, even in this destructive planetary combination

The solar eclipse falling on 21st June 2020 (Sunday) will be visible in Asia including India, most of Africa, south-eastern Europe, and northern Australia.

This eclipse will be visible as an annular eclipse in some parts of North India, and as a partial solar eclipse in most of India.

Last year, before the solar eclipse of 26th December, the relevance of the eclipse-related prediction which was published in ‘Rishi Prasad’, indicating – ‘it will cause great upheaval…’, was seen immediately after the occurrence of eclipse, and is visible even now. It is important to remember this because even the solar eclipse falling on 21st June this year is creating a planetary combination of massive destruction. This is tragic for the nation and the world. This planetary combination will relieve the burden of the earth. Years ago, Pujya Bapuji, in His spiritual discourses, warned – “The time is nearing when evil tendencies will be wiped-out; the foundations of Divine tendencies are being laid out. In a few years from now, evil tendencies will be wiped-out completely; fighter-jets will be soaring through skies.”

Pujya Bapuji, in His spiritual discourses, mentioned numerous times that those, who, observe the rules to be followed on an eclipse (as prescribed by the scriptures) and do their spiritual practices (japa, etc.) during an eclipse period, are not only saved from the bad effects of the eclipse, but also earn great religious merit. The planetary conjunction during the solar eclipse this time, is supposed to be highly beneficial for spiritual practice (like japa etc.). Maharshi Veda Vyasa says, “The solar eclipse falling on a Sunday, or lunar eclipse falling on a Monday, is said to form ‘Chudamani Yoga’. The religious merit one earns on doing Japa, meditation and virtuous deeds on ‘Chudamani Yoga’ is a crore-fold more than that obtained by doing the same on a solar eclipse falling on other days.” (Nirnaya Sindhu)

To save human society from the bad effects of a solar eclipse, Self-realised great man Pujya Bapuji, by means of His spiritual discourses, has not only disseminated the knowledge of do’s and don’ts to be abided by during the eclipse (as mentioned in the scriptures) to the general public, but has also made appropriate arrangements for spiritual practices such as japa, devotional chanting, etc., during eclipse-hours in his ashrams. The countless disciples, followers, devotees, and satsang listeners of Pujya Bapuji carry out spiritual practices during an eclipse, even in their respective homes (observing the rules to be followed on an eclipse), as per the guidance of Pujyashri.

Pujya Bapuji expounded in His satsang discourses: “An eclipse is bound to lead to some sort of upheaval; it just can’t be avoided. However, if the atmosphere is good (spiritual), the consequent upheaval will lead to positive outcomes. Just as if good colour is added to molten wax, the candles made from it will be of good colour and if dull colour is added to molten wax, the candles made from it will be of dull colour. Similarly, the better and the more practice of Japa and Tapa one does during these days, the greater the benefit one reaps from it.”

Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu is the great man who teaches the art of making not only the meritorious, but also baleful dates, planetary combinations and conditions, means for elevation. What should be done and what should be avoided during such unfavourable and destructive planetary conjunctions have been expounded in Pujya Bapuji’s spiritual discourses as below: “The Sutak period (ceremonial defilement before and during the eclipse observed by Hindus) starts four praharas or 12 hours prior to the beginning of a solar-eclipse and three praharas or 9 hours prior to the beginning of a lunar-eclipse. Healthy people are not supposed to eat anything during this time. Following this will help them maintain their longevity, good health, and keenness of intellect. However, it is ok for children, the elderly, the sick, and pregnant women to quietly have something to eat until 1 to 1.5 prahara (3 to 4.5 hours) prior to the eclipse. Having food after that (until the eclipse hours are over) could cause a great deal of harm to health. Especially pregnant women should remain extremely cautious during eclipse hours.

The rationale behind the steadiness of good and evil

When the Earth passes directly between the Sun and the Moon, its shadow creates a Lunar Eclipse. And when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, the lunar shadow is seen as a Solar Eclipse on Earth. A lunar eclipse occurs only on a Full Moon night; whereas a solar eclipse can occur only on a New Moon day.

During the time of an eclipse, for some time the earth remains deprived of the effect of the rays of the Sun or Moon (as they are fully or partially blocked depending upon the type of eclipse). This in turn affects the animal-world as well which is governed by the Sun and the Moon; and even the dynamic influence exercised by the rays of the sun and the moon on subtle-elements ceases during that period. Even the activity of our small cells and smallest organelles is minimal during that period. This is the very reason why any lowly act or emotion occurring during an eclipse becomes steady as it can’t flow or pass-through. Hence, it is said that during the eclipse or Sutaka hours, one shouldn’t eat; and even before the start of eclipse, one should engage himself/herself in good acts and thoughts – so that one becomes deeply and strongly imbued with goodness. Once this happens, his disposition, mind and manner will be filled with peace & happiness, and the individual will get an increase in life-span, health and nourishment. However, if one becomes strongly imbued with evil, rajoguna or tamoguna, then the individual’s life will be overcome by anxiety, grief, fear, passion and restlessness.

This is how food should be saved from defilement

Food prepared before an eclipse should be discarded after the eclipse period. Boiled milk, or any food-item prepared from milk, curd, buttermilk, or ghee; or food which is well-cooked using oil or ghee (such as puris, etc.), may be consumed even after the eclipse hours, provided kusha [one of the varieties of sacred grass (darbha) used in many religious rites] is put into it. Put Kusha, sesame seeds, or Tulsi leaves in the water before the Sutak starts so that it can be used during the Sutak period. The water stored during the eclipse period should not be used after the eclipse but if it is not possible for some people they can use the water in which is Kusha, etc. is put as mentioned above, according to some experts. Generally Kusha is used to save the things from adverse effect of the eclipse. This prevents the food-items from defilement or turning impure during an eclipse. If kusha is not available, one may use sesame seeds in lieu. This too inhibits the effect of the subtlest of rays on food-items. Even putting Tulsi (or Holy Basil) leaves yields similar results. However, don’t ever put sesame seeds or Tulsi leaves in milk or articles prepared from milk.

Things to be completely avoided during eclipse-hours

Exercising caution during eclipse hours leads one to a greatly meritorious and happy life in little time. Not doing so will yield equally opposite results – leading to a sad and baneful life even due to the slightest of carelessness. During the eclipse period:

(1) The one having food falls into hell. (2) The one who sleeps is bound to contract some or other ailment, and his immunity will be weakened. (3) The one who urinates, suffers from poverty along with his family. And the one who defecates will suffer from intestinal worms, and be born in the species of insects (in a successive birth). (4) Those who copulate are born in the species of boar (in successive births). (5) Massaging the body with oil, etc. or applying an unguent predisposes one to leprosy. (6) The one who cheats or deceives, is born in the species of a serpent in a successive birth. And the one who steals, is bound to suffer from poverty.  (7) The person killing any insect or creature is bound to be born in a hellish species in a successive life. (8) One should abstain from plucking leaves, straws, sticks, or flowers. Brushing or cleaning teeth is also prohibited.  (9) Worrying destroys the intellect.

Doing the following during an eclipse will improve one’s life in this world and the next

Wearing a Rudraksha rosary during a solar eclipse destroys sins (provided the Rudraksha beads are original, not factory-made artificial ones). (2) Doing japa of the mantra imparted during Mantra-Diksha (initiation) gives Mantra Siddhi. (3) Maharshi Veda Vyasa says, “Virtuous acts like japa, etc., performed during a lunar eclipse gives a hundred-thousand-fold fruit, while that done during a solar eclipse gives a million-fold fruit.” So, make sure, you do the japa of Aarogya-Mantra (mantra for health), and attain siddhi in Brahmacharya Mantra (mantra for celibacy) as well. Any lowly or sinful act performed, becomes manifold in terms of sinful effect during eclipse hours; and when an individual reaps the benefits of reflection on God, meditation on God and divine knowledge, he gets blessed with world of God and divine bliss without much effort. If one gets imbued with the anguish of separation from God during the eclipse, it means, he is sure to attain God, and the attainment of God is guaranteed for him. Virtuous acts like japamauna, meditation, and remembrance of God, etc., turn manifold in terms of meritorious results. After the eclipse period is over, one should take a bath with clothes on. 

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