Subhash Chandra Bose: A mine of patriotism and spiritual values

(Birth Anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose: 23rd January)

The life of the national hero Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was infused with patriotism and noble values of the Indian culture. Since his very childhood, his mother narrated to him inspiring tales of saints and great men. A clear reflection of the life-values taught by his mother is found in the life of Subhash Chandra Bose.

Who Am I? For what am I born?

At the age of 13, when Subhash was a hostel resident, a question regarding the reality of life suddenly arose in his mind, “Who Am I? For what am I born?” He wrote a letter to his mother- “Mother! What is the goal of my life? What do I have to do in my life?”

As an adult, the same Subhash wrote, “I have realised that mere study is not the ultimate goal of a student’s life. Usually students think that once they are certified by the University, they have achieved the highest goal of life. But what if even after getting certified they remain unattained of the real knowledge? Let me tell you, I hate such education. Wouldn’t it be much better that we remain uneducated instead? Now, there is no more time to sleep. We have got to wake up from our slumber.” Netaji had an ardent love for spiritual knowledge.

Hence I am learning Hindi

When Netaji organized the “Free India Army (Azad Hind Fauj)” in Singapore and was engaged in the fight for the freedom of the country, he used to practise writing in Hindi at night. Eventually, one of his associates asked him one day, “Netaji, the entire world is engulfed in the flames of war; your own life is under threat every moment, so how come you practise this Hindi writing at such a critical time?”

Subhash Chandra said, “We are fighting for the freedom of the country. It is very necessary to read, write and speak in the language which I want to make the ‘National Language’ after freedom; hence, I am trying to learn the Hindi language.”

I Shall Speak only in Hindi

Netaji was greatly devoted to the national language too, which is clearly evident in the following incident:

Once, Netaji went to Prayag (Allahabad) to deliver a speech. His secretary said, “You have to address the Bengalis living here; but they do not understand the Hindi language, so you will have to speak in Bengali itself.”

Subhash said: “Despite living here for so many years, they could not learn the National language. Is that my fault? I am going to speak in Hindi only.”

Instant intelligence of

Subhash Chandra:

Since his childhood Netaji was extremely brilliant. While being interviewed for his I.C.S. examination, a British officer holding up a ring asked, “Can you pass through this ring?”

Pat came the answer, “Yes sure, I can pass through it.”


Subhash Babu wrote his name on a slip of paper and after folding it, he passed the paper through the ring! The British official was stunned at the quick judgement and instant intelligence of that Indian genius.

She looked at him spell-bound…

When Subhash Chandra was a bachelor and had been touring around the world for strengthening the Azad Hind Fauj, a beautiful woman journalist asked him, “Will you remain unmarried all your life?”

Netaji smiled and said, “I would certainly have married, but nobody is ready to gift me the dowry I would demand.”

“What sort of demand is that, which cannot be fulfilled by anyone? To marry their daughter, anyone would gift you the biggest dowry.”

“I want my country’s freedom in dowry. Tell me, will anyone gift that?”

Aghast at the answer, she watched him mystified. In view of such detachment towards wealth, beauty and personal enjoyments the lady’s heart was filled with a great respect and astonishment towards Netaji; so much so that she bent her head down before Netaji in sheer honour.

The love, dedication and devotion of Netaji towards his country and culture are indeed motivating for every Indian.

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