Tulsi - a mine of qualities

Tulsi (basil) is no doubt a divine herb, but more than that it is also considered
in Hindu Dharma and culture as a symbol of beauty, sanskara, purity and piety of the house.

It occurs in the Garuda Purana: “Tulsi burns one’s sins accumulated in former existences
on planting it, growing it, watering it, meditating upon it, touching it, and narrating its account.”

It occurs in the Padma Purana: “He who teaches the worship etc., of Tulsi, and himself practices it, goes to the highest place, viz. Vishnu’s abode.”

Many qualities and many names

Tulsi is given different names according to its properties, in the Vedas, Puranas, and books on pharmacology. For example Kaayasthaa because it steadies the body, Tivraabecause it is sharp in effect, Devadundubhi because it is the abode of divine qualities, Daityaghni because it destroys the demons of disease, Paavanibecause it sanctifies one’s mind, speech and acts; Pootapatri because it makes one pure,Saralaa because it is easily available to all, Surasaa because it activates the salivary glands, etc.

Tulsi blossom- a shield against disease 

Soaking Tulsi blossom in water and then sprinkling on the body acts like a shield, giving protection from disease. Tulsi seeds contain greenish yellow volatile oil which enter the body through skin pores and protect against various disease.

Glory of Tulsi as described by Pujyashri

Pujya Bapuji said in His satsang discourses, “Grind Tulsi leaves and make an unguent from it. Rubbing it on the body, helps in epilepsy. Keep 51 leaves of Tulsi stealthily under the
pillow of someone who has lost sleep. He will start getting sleep.

Wear a mala of Tulsi beads: Wearing a string of Tulsi beads around one’s neck helps in so many
illnesses, maintains vigour and strength in one’s life, and strengthens immunity. Puranic tales mention
that any virtuous act done wearing a Tulsi mala around the neck becomes infinitely fruitful.

Even scientific research has now proved that Tulsi has the wonderful property of producing and activating bioelectric energy in the body. Scientists say that this much consumption of Tulsi prevents cancer, but we have not selected Tulsi only for the prevention and cure of cancer. Our intention is not limited to cure of physical disease but to keep the mind cheerful, eradicate the disease of birth and death and thereby kindle divine joy while living.”

Pujya Bapuji who wishes the good of all has given a beautiful gift to society by initiating ‘Tulsi Worship Day’ on 25th December so that humanity can know the glory of Tulsi and get its physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. This festival is now being celebrated on a wide scale all around the world. You too should get the benefit of this matchless creation of God and propagate its glory to others. Please read the book ‘Tulsi Rahasya’ published by our ashram to know how to celebrate this festival; and other information.