What is the importance of OmkÍra and why?

[Chaturdashi ÀrdrÍ Nakshatra Yoga: 18th July 12:42 am to 19th July 9:40 pm (OmkÍra chanting gives imperishable results)]

What is the meaning of OmkÍra?

Om = A + U + M + diacritic sign (ardha-mÍtrÍ). The ‘A’kar in Om represents the physical world. ‘U’kar represents the subtle world. ‘M’kar represents the causal world. ‘Vishwa’, ‘Taijas’ and ‘PrÍjna’ are the three rulers (Governors). The way the chief of a municipal corporation of a city is the president; the head of a nation is President. Likewise, the President of the gross, subtle and causal worlds are ‘Vishwa’, ‘Taijas’ and ‘PrÍjna’ respectively.

Aum has 3 letters ‘A’kar, ‘U’kar and ‘M’kar representing Vishwa, Taijas and PrÍjna respectively. The diacritic above them is called ‘Turiya’.

The way you are the illuminator (knower) of the waking, dream and deep-sleep states of this body, similarly the knower of the physical, subtle and causal bodies of the Cosmic Being is symbolized by ‘Om’.

‘Om’ gives the power of Atman (self-force). Chanting of Aum turns the flow of the Life energy upwards. A mere 7 times chanting of OmkÍra initiates eradication of germs from the body and wards off dejection and despondency from the mind. This is why Sages have added ‘Om’ as a prefix to every mantra. Scriptures have eulogized the glory of ‘Om’.

The glory of ‘Om’ described in

the Shastras

The scripture ‘Pranava VÍda’ contains 22,000 shlokas (verses) related to OmkÍra. Patanjali Maharaj says: तस्य वाचकः प्रणवः & ‘Om’ (Pranava) is the manifesting word of God.                   (Patanjal Yoga Darshan)

And this sound is naturally emanating in every creature. But human beings these days are so deaf and inclined outwards that they cannot hear it within or without. So Gurudev gives a mantra.

‘Om’ is the seed mantra. Says Lord Shri Krishna in the Bhagwad Gita: प्रणवः सर्ववेदेषु...  “I am the syllable ‘Om’ in all the Vedas.”

Pranava means ‘Om’. All the knowledge of the world is pronounced by words whose root is ‘Om’. Shastras have described this in detail.