Three Important Facts

If a person does not know these three facts, he is considered a fool even if he is a learned man, he is considered very poor even if he is a rich man, and he is considered dead even if he is alive. What are these three facts?

                First fact: Death will surely come. Death may come, anywhere and at any time. One may say: “Maharaj! Everyone knows this.”

                No, you don’t know yet, you just believe it. You know the fact that a snake bite kills a man. Now if a snake comes into this satsang pandal, you won’t stand to ask me what to do. First, you will run away. You don’t know death like this, you only believe it. You believe that you will die one day, but you also think that, “I am not going to die now! Now I have to do this and that...”

Just as you know that a snake bite kills a man and you instantly run away on seeing a snake, similarly know that death will surely come. Death may come anytime and anywhere. Remember this constantly. Just thinking this way, will reduce your greediness and egoism.

                Second fact: Time passed never comes again. By spending time, you can build a factory, build an ashram, you can earn degrees, you can collect diamonds and jewellery; you can buy cars and bungalows. But by returning the things you earned by spending time, you cannot increase your lifespan by even one percent of the time spent. Returning all that you have acquired in the past 50 years, you cannot increase your life span by 50 hours, not even 5 minutes. Your time is so precious. Hence, do not waste your invaluable time. Spend your time in creative works, wiping tears of others, in selfless service and sadhana for the sake of divine love.

                Third fact: A man is known by the company he keeps. Even if a great person stays among people of low mentality for long, then the sycophants will embellish his ego by flattery and his mind will make an error in small-small things. So, such a great person should keep the company of those who are even greater than him in spiritual knowledge, devotion and yoga.

The greatest company is the company of saints, satsang. The man who keeps company with the great men who have attained direct realization of the Truth personified Supreme Self, hears and assimilates their ambrosial words in his life, becomes himself eligible for realization of Supreme Self. Therefore, always get satsang of saints and study spiritual scriptures.

                The person who keeps company with saints and great men, knowing that death will surely come and time lost will never come again, hears their satsang and tries to assimilate it in his life, he/she alone makes his/her life successful.