What should Culture Lovers and Sadhakas do?

What should Culture Lovers and Sadhakas do?

(1) Respect your own experience. Truth personified consciousness is shining as theAntaryamin within you. Know the truth with clear vision of the realisation of the Truth-Consciousness personified Self. Do not make wrong assumptions on the basis of someone else’s notions or viewpoint regarding the, saints and great men- the ocean of compassion who devoted their whole lives to the welfare of Dharma, culture and society. Our life is precious. It is not wise to let our life go vain on the basis of someone’s assumptions.

(2) Do not be misled by rumours. Avoid reading watching or hearing media that broadcast misleading news. Contact Ahmedabad Ashram to get exact information about any fact related to Ashram.

(3) Foster solidarity by associating with local Sadhakas and culture lovers. Hold mutual discussions and form groups. It is particularly beneficial for Sadhakas to do collective Sandhya(prayers done at the time of dawn, noon and dusk), conduct meetings, play CD, VCD or DVD of satsang discourses to motivate service-activities and sadhana and exchange ideas regarding good propaganda on a weekly basis.

(4) Do Pranayamas for the protection of culture. (Read Rishi Prasad, Nov. 2017, Page-4) or See https://goo.gl/V65PEi)

(5) Every sadhaka must do one round of mala (rosary) of the mantra Om, Om, Om Bapu Jaldi Baahar Ayen|’ and 2 rounds of mala of mantra Pawana tanaya bala pawana samaanaa|Budhi bibek bigyaana nidhaanaa||’ every-day for the immediate acquittal of Pujya Bapuji.

(6) Whatever sadhana (spiritual practice) you do like japa (repetition of mantra), trataka(looking with fixed gaze at an object), meditation, etc. and sewa (selfless service), do it with the resolution for revered Gurudev to be acquitted soon with honour.

(7) Persevere diligently in service activities like delivering Rishi Prasad, Lok Kalyan Setu, Rishi Darshan, etc. door to door, run Bal Sanskar Kendra (Centres for moral education to children) and conduct conferences of Yuva Sewa Sangh (Centres for the youth), Mahila Utthan Mandal (Women Upliftment Centers) etc. to inculcate moral values. Remember these all are the auspicious legacies, bestowed by our beloved Gurudev, which we have to preserve well and increase them as well.

(8) Sadhakas alone or in a group of either 2 or 4 persons run campaigns to contact Sadhakas (Sadhaka Samparka Abhiyan). Visit your neighbouring and local sadhakas and play (CD/VCD/DVD) of Bapuji’s message to them. Have a discussion as well as conversation with them that may enhance their devotion towards sadhana and encourage them to participate in Gurudev’s divine works. Harmony is extremely essential to the accomplishment of service-works for universal good, running under the auspices of Pujya Bapuji.

(9) Resolve to visit your nearest ashram once or twice a week, for example, Thursdays, Sundays and on festivals and observe this resolution firmly. Sadhakas living adjacent to Ashrams, should make the effort to visit ashrams everyday if possible, do Sadhana and devotional practices in the pious environment and get benefit of cow-service and divine service activities conducted by Ashram.

(10) Explain to the people of society for whom it is not possible to join the philanthropic activities run for the ‘good of all’ by their great men and co-religionists, that they can certainly reap the benefits of mental service by nurturing them with their good (auspicious) resolves. This will surely give them some or other religious merits.

(11) If this too is not possible, do not ruin your health, longevity, joy, peace and good fortune by slandering the great men and their disciples imbued with the spirit of service. Preserving one’s religious merits earned earlier (in previous birth) too can be considered as a type of service.