Teachings of Service and Unconditional Surrender

Hanumanji was sent to Kashi to bring a Shiva lingam to install Setubandha Rameshwara. He came a little late.

The muhurata (auspicious time) was passing, so Ramaji made a Shiva Lingam of sand and installed it. After some time, Hanumanji arrived with Shiva Lingam but due to the delay, the Shiva Lingam he brought could not be installed, which made him sad. Why did he become sad? Because the doer is still present… the service doer (sevak) is still present.

 Kind-hearted Ramaji came to know of it. He said: “Hanuman! The duty of a sevak is to perform the service with promptness and efficiency. Then, regardless of the fact whether the master has accepted the service or not, the sevak should not be pained.”

O Son of Anjani! You should take refuge in saints and realise your own Self. Till the time you do not realise your being which is free from the stain of ignorance and self-luminous, you will be hit by blows of pain and pleasure in the illusory interactions. You should listen to the satsang of Brahmavetta (knower of Brahman) saints attentively. Who is the doer of karma? What is the ground in which karma is taking place? What is that in which success-failure take place? What is the relation between ‘You’ and the one being impacted by pain and pleasure? You should understand this secret.

O Son of Kesari! The original nature of Jiva (individual soul) is Immovable (without change), pure, spotless and blissful. But unless the jiva forsakes its ego and petty (sense of) individuality and surrenders itself unconditionally and totally to Self-realised saints, it scales various heights in life and keeps repeatedly swaying with the currents of high and low tides. You must strive to achieve that supreme state from where nothing can elevate you further or bring you down to lower levels. You should seek company of saints to cut off your relation with Chitta (mind). When you realise your true nature by removing the identification with your mind which gets impacted by pleasure and pain, gain and loss, honour and insult etc., then even the thundering rain of the cosmic dissolution will not be able to shake you.

Attachment and hatred are in the intellect; thoughts of pleasure and pain arise in the mind; heat and cold are experienced by the body – one who gives existence to all these; who is pervading each and every hair on the body, take refuge in that ‘Rama’ and love that absolute consciousness ‘Rama’, then you will become Jivanmukta (liberated while living).”

Hearing the words impregnated with knowledge from Ramaji, Hanumanji bowed his head at the lotus feet of Rama and prayed apologising: “O Merciful Lord! Please forgive my offence.”

As directed by Ramaji, Hanumanji
assimilated the knowledge of the Rama tattva, the Antaryamin (Inner Ruler),
omnipresent, of the consciousness nature in his heart and advanced in its practice.