Such should be the demand of every Brave Youth

A young man impressed King Bhoj with his genius. That Young man woke up early in the morning every day. By taking bath before sunrise one gets purity (satvikta) in intelligence, calmness in the nature and overall good health.

That young man would contemplate soon after waking from sleep: “The states of waking, dreaming and sleeping come and go. I am becoming calm in their knower, Truth absolute, Consciousness absolute and Bliss absolute, Self-God. Om Ananda!” He would get absorbed in meditation on his eternal nature, bliss nature, which is Nitya (eternal), Shuddha (free from the stain of ignorance), Buddha (self-luminous), and Mukta (free from the bondage of agency, etc.) as per the instructions given by his Guru. He did japa prescribed by his Guru. His behaviour was so congenial and cheerful that even all the ministers could not resist praising him.

At the end of the year, the King organised a programme to pay homage to him. He said in praise of that youth, “Young Man! Even though you are a son of someone else, you are a thousand times better than my princes. Being unable to reciprocate for your extraordinary services I feel being suppressed with the burden of your obligations. Please ask something yourself to relieve me of the burden to some extent. I will get you married to whoever you like. I shall give dancers for your entertainment. I would not become fit to be called a human being if I don’t give you anything. Ask for something Young man! Ask for whatever you want!”

A wonderful answer was given by that young Indian man on hearing these words. He said: “O King! What shall I ask from you, who doesn’t have what I want? We should only ask for something that the
other person has. Asking for something beyond the giver’s ability is foolishness of the receiver.”

On hearing the young man’s reply, King Bhoj was left astonished. He said: “What is it that I don’t have? (I am not in dearth of anything.) Beautiful Women, Kingdom, Wealth everything I have! If you ask I can give you land as a gift from the state. I can also give away 5-25 villages. Just ask, don’t hesitate!”

Young Man: “Oh King! Beauties, entertaining dancers, Palace etc. can give sense enjoyment, but life is not meant for wasting in sense enjoyments. It is for attaining the knowledge of the Life-Giver for which I need the grace of a Self-realised great man. What I want to attain is the Supreme peace, Supreme Truth and that you don’t have, so what shall I ask from you?”

King Bhoj was a righteous man. He said: “Young man! You are blessed! Your parents are also blessed! You have asked for the
true demand of life. Supreme peace is the demand of every human being.”

You can never be completely satisfied with any amount of wealth, material pleasures and amenities you may obtain. Even if you get fame, dignity and power in the material world, Oh! Even if a single person gets the kingdom of the entire earth, wealth and beautiful women as his maids, he cannot get the supreme peace. One who attains absolute knowledge from a perfected Guru only gets the supreme peace.