Precautions Regarding Mantra Japa -1

Many precautions related to Mantra Japa are also prescribed by the knower of Mantra, Self-realised, SatGuru Pujya Bapuji in his nectarine Satsang, which are enumerated hereunder. In order to get maximum benefit of mantra Japa one should strictly follow these instructions.

(1) Mantra Initiation: One should pursue Sadhana under the guidance of a Self-realised SatGuru capable of removing obstacles and impediments coming in the way of Sadhana.

(2) Gomukhi (Rosary Bag): Keep the rosary inside a Gomukhi or covered under a piece of cloth while doing Japa. Do not gaze hither and thither. Keep your mind focused on the mantra.

(3) Sumeru (the bigger bead): When a mala is completed, on coming to the last bead one should not cross the Sumeru but touch the head and eyes reverentially with it; turn one’s fingers and begin the next mala of Japa.

(4) Speed of Japa: Repeat the mantra neither with very high speed nor very low speed. Generally one should take to medium speed. However, when the mind is disturbed or wandering wildly (building castles in the air) one should do Japa with a greater speed. After completing the scheduled number of mantra Japa, do japa of the mantra in an elongated fashion and concentrate in the heart while getting engrossed in silence of meditation.

(5) Dullness or idleness: In case the mind becomes dull or lethargic during japa, one should bring some variation in the Japa. For this, one may pronounce a mantra or Names of God aloud inside one’s room. Then do Japa in a low voice (verbally) for some time, in a whisper for some time, and mentally for some time. It is difficult to meditate if one starts meditation with closed eyes. Meditation ensues naturally if one meditates after doing mantra japa or ajapa japa (spontaneous chantless mantra).

(6) Kriyas: While doing japa, if one gets absorbed in meditation
or Kriyas (involuntary movements occasioned in the human body under the effect of Yoga) take place or Prana Shakti awakens one should allow it.

(7) When Japa is finished: When you finish japa do not leave your seat immediately, do not meet people, do not talk but remain seated quietly in that position for ten minutes without indulging in any worldly activity. Later, leave your seat only after paying respect and offering salutations to God.

(8) During a Journey or illness: In such conditions when it is not possible to do japa under the prescribed japa-disciplines, one can do mental Japa while walking, or lying.