How does one realize God?

My Gurudev said, “I swear by God that you have Darshan of God every day, but you fail to recognize Him as such.” Why would a great man ever lie? Now, if you accept it, your doubt is dispelled, and you get repose, and you come to realize that this is God. It is not necessary that one is God-realized if many people believe in Him. Everyone has his own prarabdha (the part of one’s karma which has to be worked out in this life) and field of activity. The soul is the same in everyone - the one who finds repose therein and thereby becomes free from all doubts has accomplished his goal of God-realization.

Samshay Sabko Khaat Hai Samshay Sabka Pir.

Samshay Ki Fanki Kare Vah Hai Sant-Fakir.


 “Doubt is troubling everyone, doubt alone is the Pir of everyone, One who destroys this doubt, is a true saint, a fakir.”

Someone asked a saint, “Babaji! What does one experience upon having realization of God? What is Self-realization like?”

Babaji said, “I ask you, how what do you experience when you eat roti (unleavened bread)?”

“Babaji! We get taste, the hunger is satiated, plus we also get nourishment.”

“Just like that, upon attaining Self-realization one experiences satisfaction in the Self. There is inner contentment.”

“How does one know that one has attained Self-realization?”

“I ask you, how does one know that one has eaten food?”

“Oh, that’s a matter of (subjective) experience.”

“So, this Self-realization is also a matter of experience.”

Once a saint was approached by an ascetic Brahmachari who was half-atheist. The Brahmachari said, “Maharaj! You are a siddha master; first help me perceive (realize) God, and only then shall I believe in the existence of God.”

Saint, “Brother! First you believe in God. Then gradually your mind will assume the form of God, and only then will you realize God!”

“No, Maharaj! I don’t believe in such things.”

“Sonny! This is an unfamiliar country where your Beloved lives and you have never met Him. It is simply because of not having met the Beloved that you have been wandering in the cycle of birth and death. Hence, you believe the words of Guru.”

The Brahmachari: “Until I see God with my own eyes, I won’t believe in the master’s words.

Maharaj! Until I perceive it with my eyes, I would not believe it.”

Maharaj found that he needed surgical (invasive) cure. He must have been a God-intoxicated saint. He said, “What a seeker of God you are! ‘Help me realize God.’ Am I a servant of your father? If you approach a saint for attaining God-realization, the scripture says:

Tadviddhi Pranipatena Pariprashnena Sevayaa.

“Know that through prostration, inquiry and service. The wise ones who have realized the Truth will impart the Knowledge to you.”

(The Gita: 4.34)

Serve with devotional faith as prescribed by the scriptures.”

“Maharaj! If service can help me realize God, please tell me what service should I render unto you?”

“What service can you render? At least pay your regards through prostration.”

“I prostrate myself at your feet.”

He fell prostrate at the feet of the saint. Maharaj was in a jovial mood. He forcefully punched the Brahmachari on the back.

“Aah! What have you done, Maharaj! Is this the way to get God-realization?”

“What happened?”     “It is very painful.”

“Well, let me see, where is the pain?”

“Oh Maharaj! Can pain ever be seen with the eyes?”

“Well, okay! Let me find it by sniffing?”

“Sniffing won’t help know the pain.”

“Then, I must try tasting it?”

“Even tasting would not help, Maharaj.”

“How can I believe that you really have pain without seeing, smelling or perceiving it myself?”

“Maharaj! You will come to know of it if you are hit. This is a matter of subjective experience.”

“When even the pain caused by a punch is a matter of experience and even the taste of food is a matter of experience, then the relish of the Supreme Self (God) is also a matter of experience, sonny!”

“Then how to experience That, Baba?”

“The eternal qualities inherent in God (Brahman) are Existence, Consciousness and Bliss. Existence and Consciousness can be grasped through intelligence but His Bliss has to be experienced. When the desire of sense pleasure is satisfied, it subsides, and gets replaced by another desire. When the first desire subsides one gets a glimpse of bliss which is a reflection of bliss (apparent bliss). Just as if there is a reflection there must be a real object. Similarly if there is reflection of bliss there must be bliss absolute.