How to increase the Power of Knowledge

(1) Impartiality: An impartial intellectual attitude helps in enhancing the power of knowledge. One should bring oneself to justice and forgive others. If you pass into sleep while doing japa of AUM your power of knowledge, power of judgment and power of forgiving others will increase.

(2) Equanimity: Don’t be pleased or elated on hearing your sycophants. Do not feel depressed on hearing your criticism. Power of knowledge increases by behaving impartially with all and the practice of remaining equal in pleasures and pains. Yoga of equanimity (Samatva Yoga) is the supreme yoga. The austerities of walking barefoot for thousands of years, observing vratas and fasts for hundreds of years cannot stand in comparison with the mind’s equanimity maintained even for a couple of moments.

Keep in touch with such people as may increase your power of understanding, enable you to pacify the waves of pleasures and pains within yourself, increase your equanimity and make your life radiant.

(3) Discrimination: The discrimination learnt from real satsang and true scriptures helps in increasing power of knowledge. One should be able to discriminate between the eternal and the transient; as also between actions ordained and prohibited by scriptures. Never should one take a decision impulsively in a fit of passion. One must refrain from following the dictates of his mind; and should surely consider the consequences of every action. Better still, ask yourself as to what will happen if Gurudeva comes to know of it? The sentinel of discrimination will guard you against many calamities and in events of downfall.

Vasishthaji says: “O Rama, that man who has taken the grace of the knowledge of our scriptures, he holds a pure mind and strong character and with his firm resolve can achieve anything. That is why good thoughts are his best friend. Such a person never gets stuck in problems and those who do any act without any knowledge; they become the reason of unhappiness. Where there is ignorance, there is sorrow, where there is knowledge, there is happiness. O Rama! That person, who is devoid of the knowledge of the scriptures, is really miserable. Don’t deprive yourself of this knowledge even for a moment.”